Francisco Trinidad

During more than 43 years of experience with different electrochemical systems, Dr. Francisco Trinidad has been the author of 24 articles, more than 70 presentations in battery conferences, and holds 14 international patents. He looks to promote new technological approaches for automotive and industrial applications, including the use of different materials for positive, negative, and electrolyte of current battery designs as well as determine the added value of new alternative designs like bipolar plates and spiral wound cells.

Trinidad holds an MSc and PhD from the University of Madrid. In 1977, he joined the Tudor group and was promoted first to the Research Manager in Azuqueca (Spain) and then the Industrial Development Director in Madrid and Soest (Hagen Industrial plant). Following Exide’s acquisition of the company, he became its Research Director in Paris, then, the Development Director of Transportation Europe, Basic Research Director, and more recently, Director of Battery Technology.

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