Development of a novel expander for enhanced flooded batteries

Today’s automotive industry has placed a strong emphasis on improving fuel efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions and meet more stringent regional regulations. 

This reduction is primarily achieved by electrification of various components which places additional demands on the battery system. In addition to the typical starting, lighting, and ignition requirements, batteries must now maintain optimal performance with increased electrical loads and regenerative charging. 

These changes necessitate improvements to charge acceptance and cycle life while maintaining CCA and reserve capacity performance. 

The battery industry’s answer to these performance challenges is the enhanced flooded battery (EFB), and key to unlocking the full potential of this new battery design is the use of performance additives. The R&D team at Hammond Group Inc has developed a novel EFB expander and validated its benefits through head-to-head full-scale battery tests and controlled laboratory-scale experiments

Read the full EFB analysis PDF.

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