Hammond Group acquired 100% of Asia Litharge Sdn Bhd (ALSB), Port Klang, Malaysia

Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI), a global producer of lead oxides, Expanders, and specialty chemicals for lead-acid batteries, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% ownership of Asia Litharge Sdn Bhd (ALSB), Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

“Hammond enjoyed a twenty plus year joint venture partnership with Lim Goh Eng Holdings (LGEH), and this was an appropriate time for LGEH to harvest its investment and for HGI to assume full control. With its strategic location at Port Klang, Malaysia, ALSB is our manufacturing base serving Asia’s lead-acid battery market,” said Steve Bolanowski, Executive VP of HGI. “We have produced the specialty battery additive tetrabasic lead sulfate (TTBLS) under our SureCure® trade name for years, and new production at ALSB will allow Asian customers to acquire the specialty additive at considerably lower cost than from U.S. sourcing. This transaction also provides HGI an exceptional opportunity to introduce our Freedom Line and K2 Expanders to serve growing Asian demand for high performance expanders, especially the emerging market for partial state-of-charge (PSoC) solutions.”

Eric Holtan, VP of Global Accounts, remarked, “SureCure® generates a crystal structure with both electrochemical and mechanical advantages. Using SureCure®, batteries can deliver higher initial and peak capacities with improved energy density and enhanced rechargeability. SureCure® promotes active material adhesion for finished plates with better vibration and shock resistance which improves cycle life.”

HGI President Terrence Murphy confirmed that Ming Yeow Ng will continue in his position as ALSB’s General Manager and that Steve Barnes, General Manager of HGI’s Newcastle UK operations, will assist in ALSB’s full integration. Both will report to Mr. Bolanowski.

HGI Media Contact:
Stephanie Smith, ssmith@hmndgroup.com, +1.219.852.7229

About Hammond Group, Inc. (www.hmndgroup.com) Hammond’s business is producing lead oxides and negative plate expanders in service to the world’s battery industry. Our mission is to enable lead-acid chemistry for advanced energy storage applications. Hammond’s K2 Peak Performance line is designed to extend battery life in demanding, High Rate Partial State-of-Charge (HRPSoC) operations including idle Stop-Start and Micro-Hybrid automotive applications. Hammond recently has completed its Lead Acid Battery Laboratory in Hammond, IN which will complement a new, high-capacity expander production plant.

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