Hammond Group Receives Battery Council International 2016 Innovation Award

HAMMOND, IN USA – Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) has been recognized by Battery Council International (BCI) as the 2016 Innovation Award winner for its advances in lead-acid (PbA) battery chemistry. This inaugural award honors the legacy of battery industry thought leader, Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz, former CEO of East Penn Manufacturing Co. Hammond’s innovation and technical breakthrough dramatically improves lead-acid (PbA) battery charge acceptance and cycle life – two key characteristics necessary for advanced applications including renewable energy storage and hybrid vehicles.

“Cost-effective and sustainable energy storage is essential in optimizing our energy use and reducing our carbon footprint,” said Terrence Murphy, HGI President and CEO. “In spite of the hype, Lithium-ion batteries are neither environmentally sustainable nor cost-effective. Conversely, PbA batteries are affordable and have a 99% recycling rate. In fact, PbA batteries are the most recycled consumer product on the planet. The battery in your car came from another car battery. A worldwide, closed-loop manufacturing system is already in place, no other technology can make that sustainability claim – especially not Lithium-ion. The biggest drawback for PbA batteries has been charge acceptance and cycle life, but Hammond has demonstrated that innovative additive chemistry can overcome those challenges. With our new, state-of-the-art developmental lab and 50,000 ft2 production facility, Hammond can lift the entire PbA battery industry with tailored additive solutions to optimize each customer’s particular battery configuration and application.”

“Hammond believes innovation is larger in scope than invention,” said Mark O. Thorsby, Executive Vice President of Battery Council International. “Innovation includes re-imagining the familiar, understanding that what is deep-rooted and longstanding must be challenged to yield breakthroughs of potentially immense value. It is worthy of our industry to set the bar impossibly high and work toward a ‘happy irony’ – that in Pb, one of the earth’s most vilified elements, may be the single most important ingredient in reducing CO2 emissions.”

ABOUT BATTERY COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL – Battery Council International (BCI) is a not-for-profit trade association formed to promote the interests of the international battery industry. BCI has more than 200 member companies worldwide engaged in every facet of the industry. BCI establishes technical standards for battery manufacturing and actively promotes workable environmental, health and safety standards for the industry as a whole. BCI also provides information and resources on the industry to various outside organizations and researchers.

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