Well Said! A Persuasive Case for Heightened Federal Investment in Research and Development of Lead Acid Batteries for Energy Stability

As a leader in lead-acid battery chemistry research and development, Hammond supports this robust call for increased federal funding to advance a stable and sustainable energy infrastructure.

“While lithium-ion batteries have captured recent headlines, the industry’s most-proven technology, the workhorse lead battery, continues to power the vast majority (99.7%) of the nearly 300 million vehicles of all types operating on the road today. In the US, they also form the backbone of the critical backup power that keeps critical infrastructure like data centers, hospitals, and telecom networks online 24/7.”

Battery Council International President Roger Miksad makes the case in this excellent article. Read the full story: https://batterycouncil.org/unlocking-the-potential-of-lead-batteries-with-rd/

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