Hammond Chief Warns Over Use of Lithium in Stationary Storage

Lead batteries are “giants hiding in plain sight” and more than capable of boosting US national and energy security needs, Hammond Group president and CEO Terry Murphy told a Capitol Hill briefing. “The challenges we’re putting on the grid by trying to go to a zero emissions economy are completely undermining national security and will cause more and more blackouts.”

Murphy was among a panel of top industry experts speak at a U.S. Battery Briefing on Capitol Hill in May. The goal of the briefing, facilitated by the Battery Council International, was to share key insights on the critical role of domestic manufacturing in meeting the growing demand for energy storage and supporting a low-carbon future.

The latest issue of Batteries International (issue 127) highlights some of the main takeaways and features more insight from Murphy and other panelist. Read the article online here: https://issuu.com/rizzo48/docs/batteriesinternational127issuu3/46

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