U.S. Battery Briefing on Capitol Hill, May 10

Hammond’s CEO will be Among Panelists

On Wednesday, May 10, leaders from the U.S. battery industry will share key insights on the critical role of domestic manufacturing in meeting the growing demand for energy storage and supporting a low-carbon future. The discussion will explore the need for a diversified battery industry to ensure a secure supply chain for critical materials, as well as opportunities for innovation, infrastructure development, workforce training, and grid resiliency.

This event has passed buy you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/live/4yLe5tPRnJM?feature=share&t=492

To realize the full potential of the U.S. battery industry, supportive government policies and investment will be crucial. The briefing will therefore address the importance of federal policies that promote domestic battery manufacturing and encourage investment in research and development.

Moderating the briefing at 1:00 p.m. on Capitol Hill will be Roger Miksad, President and Executive Director of Battery Council International with opening remarks from Representative Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania. Representative Meuser recently introduced the USA Batteries Act to support the U.S. battery industry and ensure this U.S. manufacturing sector remains competitive without unfair competition from offshore competitors.

Panel members will include: 

  • Pete Stanislawczyk, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of East Penn Manufacturing Co., 
  • Kimberly Medford, President of ENTEK International
  • Mark Matthews, Senior Vice President of Specialty Global, EnerSys
  • Terry Murphy, President and CEO of Hammond Group, Inc.

Terry Murphy’s experience and expertise in energy storage and the grid will complement the other panelists perspectives that include batteries in the domestic supply chain, government support of manufacturing and workforce development, and battery diversification, among other topics. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing how we can inform policy and policy makers on the very urgent needs and demands we are facing with energy storage,” said Murphy. “As our nation transitions from fossil fuels, real-world solutions will include a range of new and existing battery technologies.”

For more complete information about the briefing and to register for the event go to: https://batterycouncil.org/event/u-s-battery-briefing-2023

To view the event: https://www.youtube.com/live/4yLe5tPRnJM?feature=share&t=492

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