Hammond Presents GravityGuard™ at 2022 FENIBAT

Hammond’s Senior Product Development Engineer Maureen Sherrick was a featured speaker at the 2022 FENIBAT conference in Londrina, Paraná, Brazil. On May 24 Maureen presented: GravityGuard™, a Novel Solution for Acid Stratification in Deep Cycling and EFB Batteries.

Maureen has worked in the lead-acid battery research field for nearly 31 years, including 22 years with East Penn Manufacturing Company. She played an instrumental role in developing Hammond’s method of rapidly screening existing and novel paste additive performance using small-scale battery test cells. Rapid screening results have proven highly correlated with production-scale battery performance, allowing Hammond to provide its customers with data-driven product recommendations.

The objective of this 5th FENIBAT is to disseminate new products, services, and technologies from all countries of the world to the South American market, as well as the exchange of information and knowledge.

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