Giving back to our community is something we truly believe in, and we were fortunate to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana! This organization believes in a world where everyone has a decent place to live. They have been building decent, affordable homes for struggling, working families since 1986.

Environmental regulatory systems are inherently complex. Policies and agencies often find themselves at odds with each other, as they try to implement their own charters. This is certainly the case in the energy area, and particularly with battery power. Here’s the problem. While climate programs are promoting battery power, other

Dr. Marvin Ho, V.P. Research & Development, will be presenting a paper on positive paste additives at the upcoming European Lead Battery Conference in Vienna, Austria.  Dr. Ho and his research team has been developing next generations additives to reduce electrolyte stratification, increase battery life and improve the lead-acid battery’s

Gordon Beckley, V.P. Performance Additives & Chief Technical Officer, participated in a panel discussion on “Hot Issues in Lead Acid Manufacturing and Recycling in North America” along with Adam Muellerweiss (Johnson Controls), Dr. Stephen Clarke (Aqua Metals) and Dr. Boris Monahov (Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium) at the NAATBatt International Conference

Enqin Gao, Senior Staff Research Engineer, presented Hammond’s recent findings on tetrabasic lead-sulfate development in the positive paste during the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) meeting in Nanjing, China.  Enqin discussed how the conversion rate of tetrabasic lead-sulfate can be increased with treatments to seed crystals and optimization of

On October 19, 2016, manufacturers, business leaders, and policymakers from across the state met in Indianapolis to honor those companies that have made outstanding contributions to the development of a healthy, dynamic environment in Indiana, and to the state’s overall economic well-being. Hammond Group, Inc. is excited to be among

Gordon Beckley, V.P. Performance Additives & Chief Technical Officer, and Dr. Marvin Ho, V.P. Research & Develop, participated at the recent Asian Battery Conference (ABC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Dr. Ho paper titled “Advanced Positive Additives for Lead-Acid Batteries” reviewed the benefits of paste additives to the positive active material

In an ALABC (Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium) report to the BCI Deep Cycling Committee, micro-hybrids were called “the choice of consumers”. Micro hybrid electric vehicles seem to represent the best compromise between desired fuel savings on one hand and affordability to the consumer on the other. Battery demand forecasts for

HAMMOND — Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg said he wants to make venture capital money more available to attract and retain companies providing the type of higher income jobs seen at the Hammond Group, Inc.Gregg spoke of the need to try to raise the per capita income levels of Hoosiers

Inspirational. Motivational. Just what the industry needs. Those were some of the comments that came flying back after East Penn’s Bob Flicker gave the keynote address at 15ELBC yesterday (Wednesday) morning. “It was just what we needed to hear,” said David Prengaman, former president of RSR International. “Bob spelled it

Additives are probably the hottest area of competition in the lead-acid sector. That competition is fierce. Can less than 1% of what seems like the remains of a campfire really make such a difference to battery performance and lifetime; graphites, graphenes, nanotubes common or garden soot? Additives such as these are absolutely

HAMMOND, IN USA – Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) has been recognized by Battery Council International (BCI) as the 2016 Innovation Award winner for its advances in lead-acid (PbA) battery chemistry. This inaugural award honors the legacy of battery industry thought leader, Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz, former CEO of East Penn Manufacturing Co.

Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI), established in 1930, plays a critical role in the global lead acid battery supply chain, with multiple locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia. HGI supplies battery oxides, specialty lead oxides, and tailored solutions for blended expander formulations. In 2015, we opened a state-of-the-art Lead Acid Battery

Industry veteran Gordon C. Beckley has been named Vice President & Chief Technical Officer of Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI). “Gordon brings a wealth of technical and practical experience–along with a personal passion–to HGI’s strategy of enabling lead-acid chemistry for advanced energy storage,” said Terrence Murphy, President and CEO of HGI.

Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI), a global producer of lead oxides, Expanders, and specialty chemicals for lead-acid batteries, is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% ownership of Asia Litharge Sdn Bhd (ALSB), Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. “Hammond enjoyed a twenty plus year joint venture partnership with Lim Goh Eng

Terry Murphy explains how a new generation of expanders has made it possible to create batteries that allow a high degree of charge acceptance while at a partial state of charge — a game changer in the way that lead acid batteries will be deployed in the coming years. Terry

There has been a media buzz in recent years touting lithium-ion battery technology as a “magic bullet” for all of our energy storage challenges. Upon closer inspection, however, it has been revealed that, while lithium-ion batteries have a number of strengths, there exist numerous applications where Li-ion may not be the

MILWAUKEE, Nov. 7, 2013 – Johnson Controls, a global diversified company in the building and automotive industries, today honored 15 suppliers at its fourth annual Supplier Excellence Recognition awards ceremony. The company recognized its suppliers who have excelled in providing cost savings, quality, and leadership along with service and products


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